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About QLD Copper Recyclers
We offer you the best scrap metal recycling solutions in Brisbane. As the leading scrap metal dealers, we make sure to not only offer you the best price for scrap metal but also provide quality services. Whether you have metal scraps stored at home or piled up in a factory, we come to your rescue on a call. Our team has the best industry experts who know how to evaluate the grades of metals and offer you the highest possible price for your scraps.

How Do We Offer The Best Price For Metal Scraps?

QLD Copper Recyclers use efficient methods and the latest technology to recycle all the metal scraps we buy from you. Since our methods are modern and useful, we cut down on recycling expenses. This benefit allows us to pay you competitive prices for scrap metal in Brisbane. We deal in all kinds of scrap metals and remove the junk from your location in a matter of a few minutes.

If you want to sell your metal scraps for cash, here is what you have to do:

Get Best Price For Scrap Metal

You can either call us or write to us on our website. We would need you to give us information about the estimated quantity and grade of metal. We make sure to offer the best price per kilo of metal scraps. To mention a few scrap metals which we buy, here is a list of scraps you can get a good price for:

  • Scrap Copper
  • Scrap Lead
  • Junk Brass
  • Scrap Aluminium
  • Scrap Steel
  • Junk Batteries and Wires
  • Scrap Aircon Units
  • Unwanted Scrap Cables

You can sell all kinds of scrap metals and get the best price from us. Our professional and friendly team makes sure that this process is extremely hassle-free.

Free Scrap Metal Pickup

Our industry experts reach your location and clear the scraps in no time. We have all sizes of bins and the quantity of scraps is not a concern for us. Whether you have scrap metal stored in your garage or in a factory, we will cater to all your requirements. Our industry experts come with an industrial scale to weigh the scrap metal. We make sure that we use all the latest tools and safety equipment to make this procedure more convenient for you.

You do not only get top price for scrap metal. We also offer you a free scrap removal service. We do not charge a penny for scrap metal removal. In fact, we weigh and pay on the spot. You will get your payment in cash then and there.

If you have a pile of scraps you want to get rid of, call us and we will reach out to you in no time.

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